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About the Artist,

My inspiration to create each one of my works of Art, comes from the mystical landscape of Ireland, the mountains, valleys, rivers and magical castle ruins fused together to form a sense of presence of the spirit. When I walk along the lonely laneways or visit the many old ruins, I am keenly aware of the mystical presence of the men and women who walked before me.  


As a self taught artist, the passion for painting manifested itself very early in my life.  From the tender age of eleven, I have won local awards and national commendations for my creative work.   I reside in the town of Dundalk, Co Louth Ireland, which is nestled along the East coast overlooked by the impressive Cooley and Mourne Mountains. This is the place of my birth, born into a Catholic family of 9 children, my father was a small farm owner. In the 1960's and 70's money was very scarce for all working class people in Ireland but to me, art was an escape from all of this. My work reflects my local area and my many journeys throughout Ireland.

A great man once said "We Irish are lonely travellers lost throughout the world, remembered and remembering.


Through these artworks, experience your very own window into the land of Ireland the land of "the forty shades of green"



Ann Farrelly (Artist)



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